2 Introduction
1.3 Specifications Label
Power specifications as well as serial and model number information can be found on an ID
label on the display, similar to the one shown in Figure 1.
Please have the assembly number, model number, and the date manufactured on hand when
calling Daktronics customer service to ensure the request is serviced as quickly as possible.
Knowing the facility name and/or job number will also be helpful. Note that the Product
Number(s) are sometimes used to distinguish different generations of the scoreboards having
the same model number.
1.4 Resources
Figure 2 illustrates a Daktronics drawing
label. The drawing number is located in the
lower-right corner of a drawing. This
manual refers to drawings by listing the last
set of digits and the letter preceding them.
In the example, the drawing would be
referred to as Drawing C-325405.
Daktronics identifies manuals by the DD or
ED number located on the cover page of each manual. For example, this manual would be
referred to as DD1969938.
1.5 Product Safety Approval
Daktronics outdoor scoreboards are ETL listed and tested to CSA standard for outdoor use.
Contact Daktronics with any questions regarding testing procedures.
Figure 1: Specifications Label
Figure 2: Daktronics Drawing Label
0A-1647-0012 HRev: 00
SN: 1001
3219728 0001
BA-2025-201 X
AMPS: 7 . 5
WATTS: 900
Product Number
Model Number
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