Introduction 1
Section 1: Introduction
This manual explains the installation of Daktronics Multi-Section Outdoor LED Scoreboards
(Product 1647). For additional information regarding the safety, installation, operation, or service of
this system, refer to the telephone numbers listed in Section 4. This manual is not specific to a
particular installation. Project-specific information takes precedence over any other general
information found in this manual.
Please read and understand all instructions before beginning the installation process.
Do not drop control equipment or allow it to get wet.
Do not disassemble control equipment or electronic controls of the display; failure to
follow this safeguard will make the warranty null and void.
Disconnect display power when not in use or when servicing.
Disconnect display power before servicing power supplies to avoid electrical shock.
Power supplies run on high voltage and may cause physical injury if touched while
Do not modify the scoreboard structure or attach any panels or coverings to the
scoreboard without the express written consent of Daktronics, Inc.
1.1 Scoreboard Controllers
Daktronics outdoor scoreboards are designed for use with the All Sport® 5000 series control
consoles. This console uses keyboard overlays (sport inserts) to control numerous sports and
scoreboard models. Refer to the following manual for operating instructions:
All Sport 5000 Series Control Console Operation Manual (ED-11976)
The scoreboard controller manual is available online at www.daktronics.com/manuals.
Sport Codes
At right is a table of common sport codes. Note
that many scoreboards are capable of scoring
multiple sports. Refer to the Operation Manuals
for a complete listing of sport codes.
1.2 Troubleshooting
For an extensive troubleshooting guide and instructions on how to replace scoreboard
components, refer to the following manual:
Outdoor LED Scoreboards Service Manual (DD2124597)
The service manual is available online at www.daktronics.com/manuals.
Common Code(s)
All Sport 5000
Pitch & Speed
Field Hockey
8601 (manual timing)
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