24 Scoreboard Options
5.5 Changeable Caption Kits
Caption kits contain hardware for one caption
only and consist of an upper caption retainer,
a lower caption retainer, a changeable caption
panel and screws.
The standard HOME and GUEST captions
are applied directly to the face of the
scoreboard. Team name captions are on
changeable panels that fit into retainers
mounted above and below the HOME and
GUEST captions. If these retainers are not
already present, attach the retainers included
with the caption kit.
Other caption kits are available to show
different information for different sports.
To install a changeable panel:
1. Insert the screws on the caption changing pole (Daktronics part # 0F-1091-0099) into
the keyholes on the panel.
2. Lift the panel all the way up into the upper retainer and then insert the bottom of the
panel into the lower retainer (Figure 25).
3. Take the screws on the caption changing pole out of the keyholes.
Reverse this procedure to remove the caption panel.
The caption changer pole is extendable. Loosen the ring tightener and extend the pole to the
desired length, and then tighten the ring before lifting the caption.
CAUTION: The aluminum caption changer can conduct electricity. Do not use it within
20-feet of power lines. Also be careful when using the caption changer in high or gusting
winds. Wind may catch the panel and unhook it from the changer or make it difficult to
maintain a grip on the pole. Hold the pole tightly in windy conditions.
Figure 25: Changing Scoreboard Captions
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