Scoreboard Options 23
Section 5: Scoreboard Options
5.1 Team Name Message Centers (TNMCs)
Team Name Message Centers (TNMCs) are programmable LED displays that allow users to
show custom Home and Guest names. TNMCs are typically ordered factory-installed but can
be field-mounted after the scoreboard is in place.
For more information about TNMCs, contact a Daktronics representative or refer to the
service manual listed in Section 1.2.
5.2 Trumpet Horns
Trumpet horn options are available for installation only on scoreboards that have clocks.
There are two types of optional trumpet horns:
Internally mounted 120 V trumpet horn
Externally mounted 12 VDC trumpet horn
A 120 V trumpet horn cannot be installed on a 240 V model scoreboard. For more information
about trumpet horns, contact a Daktronics representative or refer to the Trumpet Horn
Installation Manual (ED-10006), available online at www.daktronics.com/manuals.
5.3 Radio Control
Radio control is an option for all Daktronics outdoor LED scoreboards. The system provides
scoreboard control via a 2.4 GHz, extra-high frequency FM signal.
The radio transmitter and receiver are not standard. This setup requires a control console
equipped with radio output as well as a radio receiver plugged into the primary driver and
mounted internally to the front panel of the scoreboard.
For additional information about this option, contact a Daktronics representative; for
complete information on setting up radio communication control, refer to the Gen V Radio
Installation Manual (ED-13831) or the Gen VI Radio Installation Manual (DD2362277),
both available online at www.daktronics.com/manuals.
5.4 Time Outs Left (T.O.L) Digits
Certain scoreboards have the option to add a time outs left (TOL) digit for both the home and
guest teams. These digits are installed by simply unscrewing the blank face panel, connecting
and securing the digit panel, and manually applying the “T.O.L.” vinyl caption.
The following scoreboard models in this manual have optional T.O.L. digits:
15" tall digits - FB-2018, FB-2019, FB-2020
18" tall digits - FB-2021, FB-2022
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