22 Daktronics Exchange and Repair & Return Programs
4.2 Repair & Return Program
For items not subject to exchange, Daktronics offers a Repair & Return Program. To send a
part for repair, follow these steps:
1. Call or fax Daktronics Customer Service:
Refer to the appropriate market phone number in the chart on the previous page.
Fax: 605-697-4444
2. Receive a case number before shipping.
This expedites repair of the part.
3. Package and pad the item carefully to prevent damage during shipment.
Electronic components, such as printed circuit boards, should be placed in an
antistatic bag before boxing. Daktronics does not recommend using packing peanuts
when shipping.
4. Enclose:
phone number
the case number
a clear description of symptoms
Shipping Address
Daktronics Customer Service
[Case #]
201 Daktronics Drive, Dock E
Brookings, SD 57006
4.3 Daktronics Warranty and Limitation of Liability
The Daktronics Warranty and Limitation of Liability is located in Appendix C. The Warranty
is independent of Extended Service agreements and is the authority in matters of service,
repair, and display operation.
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