Daktronics Exchange and Repair & Return Programs 21
Section 4: Daktronics Exchange and Repair &
Return Programs
4.1 Exchange Program
The Daktronics Exchange Program is a service for quickly replacing key components in need
of repair. If a component fails, Daktronics sends a replacement part to the customer who, in
turn, returns the failed component to Daktronics. This decreases equipment downtime.
Customers who follow the program guidelines explained below will receive this service.
Before Contacting Daktronics
Identify these important numbers:
Display Assembly Number: ______________________________________________________
Display Model Number: _________________________________________________________
Job/Contract Number: __________________________________________________________
Date Manufactured/Installed: ___________________________________________________
Daktronics Customer ID Number: ________________________________________________
To participate in the Exchange Program, follow these steps:
1. Call Daktronics Customer Service.
Market Description
Customer Service Number
Schools (including community/junior colleges), religious
organizations, municipal clubs and community centers
Universities and professional sporting events, live events
for auditoriums and arenas
2. When the exchange part is received, mail the old part to Daktronics.
If the replacement part fixes the problem, send in the problem part being replaced.
a. Package the old part in the same shipping materials in which the replacement
part arrived.
b. Fill out and attach the enclosed UPS shipping document.
c. Ship the part to Daktronics.
3. The defective or unused parts must be returned to Daktronics within 5 weeks of
initial order shipment.
If any part is not returned within five (5) weeks, a non-refundable invoice will be
presented to the customer for the costs of replenishing the exchange parts inventory
with a new part.
Daktronics reserves the right to refuse parts that have been damaged due to acts of
nature or causes other than normal wear and tear.
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