12 Electrical Installation
The diagram shown in Figure 12 illustrates a typical wireless setup between a multi-section
outdoor scoreboard and controller.
3.2 Power
Correct power installation is imperative for proper display operation. The subsections that
follow give details of display power installation. Only qualified individuals should attempt to
complete the electrical installation; untrained personnel should not attempt to install these
displays or any of the electrical components. Improper installation could result in serious
damage to the equipment or injury to personnel.
Multi-section outdoor scoreboards require a dedicated 120 V (or 240 V for international use)
circuit for incoming power (refer to Appendix A). The display itself has no breakers or fuses.
WARNING: It is critical that 120 V scoreboard circuits be fused at 20 A and that all
conductors used must be designed to pass a 20 A current in normal operation. For 240 V
scoreboards, consult local electrical codes. Failure to meet wiring and overcurrent
protection device requirements will void the scoreboard warranty.
Figure 12: Wireless Installation Example
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