8 Mechanical Installation
I-Beam Clamps
Mounting hardware includes I-beam clamps, 1/2-13 x 3" bolts, 1/2" flat washers, and 1/2" lock
washers. Refer to Figure 9 and Drawing A-1052539 in Appendix B.
Note: I-beams must have a flange thickness of 1/4" 3/4". If flange thickness is greater
than 3/4", longer bolts will be required at added expense.
1. Position the ad panel at the front of the beams, and lift it to the desired height.
2. Slide a lock washer, flat washer, and I-beam clamp onto the bolt, and loosely screw
the bolt into the spring nut.
3. Position each I-beam clamp assembly as close to the I-beam flanges as possible.
4. Make final adjustments in the positioning of the ad panel to ensure it is flush and
level, and firmly tighten all of the bolts.
Figure 9: Ad Panel Mounting with I-beam Clamps, Rear Isometric View
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