Mechanical Installation 7
2.3 Ad Panel Mounting
Unistrut Attachment
1. Using the backup channel as a template, drill four 7/16" holes in the upper and lower
rear flanges of the ad panel where the beams will be located.
Note: Try to ensure that the two center holes will be within the width of the beam.
2. If the ad panel has backsheets, remove them as needed to access the ad panel interior.
3. Attach the piece of unistrut to the ad panel with the included hardware, as shown in
Figure 8.
4. If any backsheets were removed, put them back on at this time.
5. Place spring nuts into the unistrut. Twist the spring nuts until they are perpendicular
to the unistrut channel (refer to Figure 5 from Section 2.2).
Once the unistrut is attached and the spring nuts are in place, refer to the appropriate section
below for the type of mounting hardware provided with the ad panel.
Figure 8: Unistrut Attachment, Side View
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