6 Mechanical Installation
Clamping Angles
This mounting method may be used to mount a scoreboard to I-beams or any beam/pole that
does not have flanges.
Mounting hardware includes rear clamping angles; 1/2-13 x 24" threaded rods; and 1/2" nuts,
flat washers, and lock washers. Refer to Figure 7 and Drawing A-1048184 in Appendix B.
Note: The threaded rods do not pass through the beams; they run along both sides.
1. Screw a threaded rod into each of the spring nuts as far as it will go.
2. Position a scoreboard section at the front of the beams with the threaded rods
extending from the rear of the spring nuts, straddling the beams.
3. Lift the scoreboard section to the desired height.
4. Slide clamping angles over the ends of the rods and loosely install the washers and
5. Make final adjustments in the positioning of the scoreboard section to ensure it is
flush and level, and firmly tighten all of the 1/2" hex nuts.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all scoreboard sections.
Figure 7: Clamping Angle Mounting Method, Side View
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