Mechanical Installation 5
I-Beam Clamps
This mounting method is used to mount a scoreboard to I-beams with a flange thickness of
1/4" 3/4". If flange thickness is greater than 3/4", longer bolts will be required at additional
Mounting hardware includes I-beam clamps, 1/2-13 x 3" bolts, 1/2" flat washers, and 1/2" lock
washers. Refer to Figure 6 and Drawing A-1052565 in Appendix B.
1. Position a scoreboard section at the front of the beams, and lift it to the desired height.
2. Slide a lock washer, flat washer, and I-beam clamp onto the bolt, and loosely screw
the bolt into the spring nut.
3. Position each I-beam clamp assembly as close to the I-beam flanges as possible.
4. Make final adjustments in the positioning of the scoreboard section to ensure it is
flush and level, and firmly tighten all of the bolts.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 with all scoreboard sections.
Note: For four-section scoreboards mounting to three beams, mounting straps are
required along the middle beam to join the horizontal scoreboard sections together.
Refer to Drawing A-1115341 in Appendix B for more information.
Figure 6: I-beam Clamp Mounting Method, Rear Isometric View
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