Troubleshooting 61
Obtaining Base Station Status Information
When connected to a wireless Base Station in any All Sport function, the wireless handheld
can obtain status information about the Base Station. This information includes the Base
Station channel, firmware revision number and date, and whether or not the Base Station is
synchronized to another Base Station in the area.
N.N = firmware revision
MMM = month
DD = date
YYYY = year
CC = channel number
Press <ALT> followed by <CONNECT> to display Base
Station status information.
Press any key to return to normal operation.
Note: If the Base Station is synchronized to another
Base Station via a sync group, the bottom left corner
of the LCD will display “Sync:” followed by the sync
group number. Refer to Section 3.3.
17.3 Replacing Handheld Battery
To verify the battery is replaceable, look at
the revision number on the back of the unit
(Figure 28). If the assembly is REV 7 or
higher (after August 30, 2007), the battery
may be replaced in the field. Units built
before this date must be sent to Daktronics
to have a new battery installed.
After verifying the correct revision number, follow the steps below to replace the battery.
1. Remove the two Philips screws (one on the top and one on the bottom).
2. Separate the bottom half of the case from the top half.
3. Disconnect the 2-pin battery power cable from the main circuit board, and remove
the battery from the retaining clips (Figure 29).
4. Install new battery (Daktronics
part # BT-1032) into the retaining
clips and connect the 2-pin cable.
5. Close the case and tighten the
6. Charge the battery as needed
before first use.
Note: Please return used batteries to
a battery recycling center or battery
retailer for proper disposal.
Figure 28:
Manufacturing Date & Revision Number
Figure 29:
Handheld Unit, Cover Removed
NoSync Chan:CC
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