Segment Timer Operation 37
Section 10: Segment Timer Operation
Sport Insert: LL-2613
Code: 06
The sport insert drawing is located in Appendix B. If an insert is lost or damaged, a copy of the insert
drawing can be used until a replacement arrives. Refer Section 4.1 for information on starting the
console and Section 5.3 for additional All Sport application keys.
10.1 Segment Timer Information
The segment timer is used to time events such as practice sessions. The operation of the
segment timer is determined by 40 segments of pre-programmed length. The segment timer
will count down starting at the segment number that is set as First Segment. When the first
segment is completed, the segment timer will count the Interval Time and proceed with the
next segment. The timer will continue counting segments until the segment number that is
set as Last Segment is counted down. It then will reset to the segment saved as the First
Segment and will either begin counting down or pause for the <START> key to be pressed,
depending on the Auto Stop At Last Seg setting. To stop the timer after each segment is
completed, use the Auto Stop feature.
The First Segment and Last Segment values can be used to set up specific practice sessions.
For example, the practice session for one sport could be programmed to use segments 1-10,
while another might use segments 11-20. Set the First Segment and Last Segment values to
the desired segment numbers for the session, and the console will count down each of the
segments in order, either stopping on the last segment or looping through included segments
again, based on the Auto Stop At Last Seg setting.
The default First Segment value is 1. The default value for the Last Segment is 40.
10.2 Segment Timer Keys
First/Last Segment
NN = current first segment
XX = current last segment
Press the <FIRST/LAST SEGMENT> key. This setting
determines the first and last segment in a range of
segments to run when <START> is pressed.
Enter the First Segment value and press <ENTER>.
Enter the Last Segment and press <ENTER> to exit.
The controller will be reset to the segment saved as
First Segment when the <RESET TO 1ST SEGMENT>
key is pressed.
The controller automatically resets to the segment
saved as First Segment after the segment saved as
Last Segment is completed.
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