All Sport Applications 23
Section 5: All Sport Applications
This section provides information about the “All Sport” function of the RC-100 wireless Base Station.
Refer to the sections following this section for sport-specific operation.
5.1 Selecting All Sport Applications (Code Numbers)
To select a specific All Sport application (such as baseball, tennis, etc.) the “All Sport”
function must first be set in the wireless Base Station (refer to Section 3.1).
Once the All Sport function has been selected, an All Sport application may be selected by
entering a specific code number on the wireless handheld controller. This number is
typically located on the bottom center of the keypad insert. These numbers are also listed in
Section 5.2 and in the application-specific sections.
NN = current setting
Enter the code number corresponding to the application
using the number keys on the keypad. When the code
number is correctly selected, a short description will be
shown on the bottom line of the LCD.
Note: Since the wireless Base Station is typically
used with a single application, once the code number
has been set, the wireless Base Station will continue
to use the same code number each time power is
reset. To change code numbers, use the <NEW
CODE> key on the wireless hand-held. Refer to
Section 5.3 for more information.
“NOT FOUND” is shown on bottom line of the LCD if the
specified code number was not available. This typically
means either the code was entered incorrectly, or the
Base Station firmware does not support it. If this is a new
code number that is not supported, the Base Station will
need to be either replaced or reprogrammed. Contact
Daktronics Customer Service. Refer to Section 1.2.
If the handheld controller is powered down and powered
back on, the question at left will appear. Press <YES> to
retain the previously-entered settings, or press <NO> to
start a new game under the last code entered.
Note: For RC-100 systems using a Controller Area Network (CAN), it will not be necessary
to enter a sport code. Instead, the RC-100 will automatically detect the operation mode
when it is correctly connected to a controller (typically an OmniSport 2000 console).
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