RC-100 Handheld Controller 17
Section 4: RC-100 Handheld Controller
4.1 Powering the Controller On and Off
Using the Keypad
Press and hold the <ON/OFF> key momentarily to power on the controller. If the
LCD does not display text within a few seconds, the internal battery is most likely
dead and will need to be recharged (refer to Section 4.3).
Press and hold the <ON/OFF> key for 5 seconds to power off the controller. The
LCD will display a power down message.
Using External Power
Plugging the wireless handheld controller into an external
power source via the power connector on top of the unit will
turn it on (and charge its internal batteries). The wireless
handheld will not turn off if connected to external power.
When connected to external power, the top line of the LCD will
show a power plug (Figure 11).
When external power is removed and charging is complete, the handheld will power down
after a 5 second prompt to conserve battery power. Press any key during the prompt after
disconnecting external power to keep the handheld controller powered on.
4.2 Battery Operation
When the controller is powered on, an indicator on the top line of
the LCD shows the current battery status (Figure 12). The three
segments within the battery will gradually disappear as the
battery loses its charge.
Idle Time
When using battery power, by default the controller shuts itself off or “sleeps” automatically
after 45 minutes inactivity. The idle time setting may be turned off (refer to Section 4.4), but
to increase battery life, be sure to manually turn the console off when it will be inactive for a
long period of time.
4.3 Battery Recharging
A charger is contained inside the wireless handheld controller for re-charging the batteries.
To recharge the batteries when not in use, simply connect an external power source to the
power connector on top of the unit. A completely discharged battery will take approximately
1.5 hours of fast charging to recharge. For information on battery replacement, see Section 17.3.
A 12 VAC wallpack transformer (Daktronics part # T-1118) is included with the wireless
handheld controller for recharging the batteries and providing external power. Daktronics
also offers a charging station capable of recharging up to 6 units at a time. Refer to Drawing
A-231674 in Appendix A for more information on charging station operation.
Figure 11:
External Power
Detect Status
Figure 12:
Battery Status
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