RC-100 Base Station 13
3.4 Server/Client Mode Setting
The RC-100 wireless Base Station can operate in either Server Mode or Client Mode,
depending on application requirements. For most applications, the wireless Base Station will
operate in Server Mode, and no change from the default setting will be necessary.
In Server Mode, the wireless Base Station controls all wireless handheld devices, either
through an onboard program (i.e. All Sport® or DataTime®), or by acting as a router to pass
data back and forth between wireless handheld devices and an external control system (such
as an OmniSport® 2000 console). An RC-100 network (on a single channel) contains one and
only one server Base Station device.
In Client Mode, a wireless Base Station relies on another server Base Station to supply it with
data. This client Base Station will typically provide data for a second wireless scoreboard or
display, as needed for All Sport or DataTime functions. Since the Function Select switch is
not needed to select a function when the Base Station is in Client Mode, the function switch
selects the display group instead. For more information refer to Section 3.1.
Refer to Figure 9 for the wireless Base Station circuit board assembly drawing.
To access the circuit board:
For external Base Station enclosures, remove the two screws securing the top cover,
and lift it off.
For internal Base Stations, refer to the scoreboard/display manual for component
location and access instructions.
Wireless Base Station Server/Client Mode is selected via the “X1” Server/Client Jumper.
Insert the jumper over the top two posts as shown in the “CLIENT” label on the circuit board
to put the wireless Base Station in Client Mode. For Server Mode, leave the jumper over the
bottom two posts (factory default).
Drawing A-317837 in Appendix A shows an example of how a server/client system is used
to operate two game timers at opposite ends of a football field.
Figure 9:
Server/Client Select Jumper (Internal Receiver)
Select Jumper
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