12 RC-100 Base Station
Installations with Base Station Groups
If the installation does not include a central location as described above, or if groups of Base
Stations will be powered down at times, other groups will need to be active and using Sync
Groups 3 and 4 (channels 6 and 11).
An operator may use Sync Groups 3 and 4 (channels 6 and 11) as synchronizing channels for
two other independent groups of scoreboards that may or may not be in range of any other
groups. Figure 8 shows an example of a baseball facility that also has 9 diamonds; however,
in this setup there is no central location and instead uses 3 independent channel groups.
Note: An important limitation exists for channels 1, 6, and 11. Since other channels use these
channels for synchronization purposes, Base Stations on these channels cannot scan during
normal operation, only at power-up. For this reason, these Base Stations must be powered up
in-order (1 first, then 6, then 11) in order to maintain overall network synchronization in the
case where it is needed to have Channels 1, 6, and 11 all powered up at the same time.
Figure 8: Multiple Base Station Groups
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