8 RC-100 Base Station
Selecting Functions
Refer to Figure 5 for the wireless Base Station circuit board assembly drawing.
To access the circuit board:
For external Base Station enclosures, remove the two screws securing the top cover,
and lift it off.
For internal Base Stations, refer to the scoreboard/display manual for component
location and access instructions.
After exposing Base Station circuit board, use a small flathead screwdriver to turn the “S2”
rotary switch labeled “FUNCTION” to the desired Function Setting.
After 5 seconds, the wireless Base Station Server will change its function to match the new
switch setting. (Any connected wireless handheld controllers should change as well.)
When the wireless Base Station Server is turned off and back on, it will always default to
the function set on the switch.
All Sport Scoreboard Controller Function
The All Sport Scoreboard Controller will normally operate with the Function Setting “5”
selected. However, to support legacy products, Gen I mode of operation may be selected by
switching the Function Setting to “2”.
Gen I Operation
Function Setting “2” allows Daktronics Gen I handheld controllers to communicate with Gen
II Base Stations.
Gen II handheld controllers will recognize which generation Base Station they are
communicating with. On first time power-up, the initialization of the radio will take a little
longer while it attempts to recognize which generation Base Station is present.
After a successful connection, the handheld controller will recognize and connect
immediately with that generation of Base Station.
Figure 5:
Function Select Switch (Internal Receiver)
Function Select Switch
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