RC-100 System Overview 5
Section 2: RC-100 System Overview
The RC-100 system allows wireless control of multiple scoring and
display applications. This system is made up of two distinct hardware
components: the RC-100 wireless handheld controller, and the RC-100
wireless Base Station.
The RC-100 wireless handheld controller (Figure 2) includes a 4x4
keypad and a 97x32 liquid crystal display (LCD). The RC-100 wireless
handheld controller is used to enter information to be displayed on a
scoreboard or display. The handheld operates using a 900 MHz radio
with internal antenna and comes with a rechargeable Ni-MH (Nickel
Metal Hydride) 2000 mAh battery which provides 8-10 hours of
operation. An RC-100 system may include multiple RC-100 wireless
handheld controllers.
The RC-100 wireless Base Station processes information received from
the wireless handheld controllers and sends this information to the
scoreboard or another external controller. Based on the application, an
RC-100 wireless receiver may be mounted inside the display (Figure 3),
or placed in an external tabletop enclosure (Figure 4). An outdoor
enclosure is also available for certain applications.
Important Installation Range Considerations
The wireless Base Station must be located at least 10' (3 m) from the wireless handheld controller and
no more than 500' (152 m) away. If the wireless handheld is used outside this range, the wireless
handheld signal may drop out. Ideally, the handheld controller should have a clear line-of-sight to
the Base Station antenna. Make sure the Base Station antenna is pointed straight up for best reception
(it should look like a capital ā€œLā€ when viewed from the side).
Figure 2:
RC-100 Wireless
Handheld Controller
Figure 3:
RC-100 Receiver
Figure 4: External
RC-100 Base Station
(Tabletop Enclosure)
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