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Tutorial 16: Fetching
Changing the Frame Order in a Sequence (Message)
At times, reordering the frames in a sequence (message) or inserting frames from another sequence is
necessary. The Fetch option performs both functions.
This tutorial explains how to:
1. Fetch frames from the same sequence.
2. Reverse fetch frames from the same sequence.
3. Fetch frames from another sequence.
Creating a Sequence
1. Open the Sequence Designer. In the Venus 7000 Shell, click Edit.
2. Click File > New and click the plus sign next to 96x224 or the desired sign. Double-click the
Default folder. Type “Fetching” in the File Name text box. Click OK.
3. Click the Text tool; type “1” in the first frame. Format the text and frame. Click the Insert
Graphic Frame button . Click the Text tool; type “2” in the second frame. Format the text and
frame. Continue adding frames, typing “3”, “4” and “5” in the corresponding frames.
Fetching Frames from the Same Sequence
1. Click the Move tool . On the Menu bar, click Frame > Fetch > From This… The Fetch Control
dialog box opens. Notice a frame preview dialog box also opens.
2. In the Fetched From section, click the check box next to Fetch Range. The Fetch Range is from 1 to 5.
Click the Fetch button. Notice the number 5 appears under Frames Fetched.
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