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4. Capture the remaining portion of the picture. Change
the X Pos to 225 and click the Preview window to
activate it. Pixel number 225 is used because the sign is
225 pixels wide. To create a uniformly scrolling image,
grab the remainder of the image, beginning with Pixel
225. If the picture is too long for the sign, adjust the Y
Pos. Click OK.
5. A large amount of black space is visible on both frames. Click the Get Color tool and click
the white area on the logo to select the color. Then click the Fill tool and click inside the black
section of the frame to fill it with white. Click the Previous button. Click the black area inside the
frame to fill it with white.
6. Click the First Frame button, then
click the Delete Frame button .
Click Delete Current and click Close.
7. Click the Properties button on the
bottom of the screen. Configure the
frame properties to look like the
image to the right; this will configure
all the frames. Click OK.
8. Click the Preview button to view
the sequence.
9. Save and Close the sequence.
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