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Tutorial 14: Exporting as a Bitmap
Users can export sequences (messages) as a series of individual images. This option allows someone
who does not have Venus 7000 software installed on their computer to view sequences.
This tutorial explains how to:
1. Export a sequence as an image.
2. Preview the exported image.
Upon completion of this tutorial, the image will look similar to
the example on the right.
Saving a Sequence (Message) as an Image
1. Open the Sequence Designer.
2. Click File > Open. Double-click the sequence to export.
3. On the Menu bar, click File > Export > Export as Still Images… The Export As Still Images
window opens. In the Image Files section, the Base File Name text box lists the name of the selected
file. During the exporting process, the still frames are given a name that combines the base file
name with a series of numbers.
4. The Image File Path text box contains information about the location of the images. To change the
location, click the browse to location button. Navigate to the directory to store the images and
click OK.
5. Click the Image File Types drop-down menu. The selection chosen in this box dictates the rest of
the selection options. For this exercise, click Bitmap Image (*.bmp).
Sample Exported Image
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