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Tutorial 13: Exporting as an AVI
Users may export sequences (messages) as an AVI format. This option allows individuals without
Venus 7000 software installed on their computer to view sequences.
This tutorial explains how to:
1. Export a sequence as an AVI.
2. Preview the exported AVI.
Saving a Sequence (Message) as an Animation
1. Open the Sequence Designer.
2. Click File > Open. Double-click the sequence to export.
3. Click the Last Frame button; then click the Insert Graphic Frame button . This inserts a
blank graphic at the end of the sequence. Add this blank frame any time a sequence is exported
as an AVI.
4. On the Menu bar, click File > Export > Export as
AVI … The Export Rate window opens. Click the down arrow
next to Frames/Second and choose 30. The AVI now has 30 frames
per second. Click OK.
5. Select the location to save the file. Type a title in the File Name text box. Notice the Save as type text
box has AVI (Windows Audio Video) selected. Click Save.
6. The Video Compression window opens. The default setting
is Full Frames (Uncompressed). Change this selection by
clicking the down arrow next Compressor. If applying
compression to the .avi file, compression must be
installed on any computer that previews the exported file.
Click OK.
7. Close the sequence; when prompted to save changes, click No.
8. Open the AVI in Windows Explorer to view it with Windows Media Player or QuickTime®.
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