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4. Experiment with the Import Controls. A number of options are available for adjusting the
Capture Rectangle:
a. To adjust the size of the Capture Rectangle, click the up and down arrows next to Height
and Width.
b. To adjust the position of the Capture Rectangle, click the up and down arrows next to X Pos
and Y Pos.
c. Click and drag across the original image to adjust the Capture Rectangle. If Keep Aspect is
checked, the height and width of the Capture Rectangle adjusts to keep the aspect ratio
identical to the display. This prevents distortion of the original image. To allow distortion the
original image, deselect Keep Aspect.
d. If the original image is smaller than the sign size, select Drop Image. This allows the original
image to display without stretching the image to fit the entire screen.
e. Adjustments for Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Red, Blue, Green and/or White levels can
also be done. To adjust these settings, click and drag the slider under each setting. Notice the
default value is 64.
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