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6. Click the color red in the Color Palette. Click the Fill tool; click inside the frame. Click the color
blue in the Color Palette and click the Text tool. Type “Fireworks at 4:00 pm”. If the text does not
have a black outline around it, click Outline on the left side of the screen in the Text Styles box.
7. Click the Properties button. Click the drop-down arrow next to Entry; click Gradient. Click the
drop-down arrow next to Direction/Shape and click US Flag. Click the drop-down arrow below
Rate and choose 96. Click the drop-down arrow under Hold Time and click 2.00.
8. In the Range of Frames section, click
the check box next to Range from.
Use the down arrow to select 1 in
the first text box; set the second text
box to 2. Click the Select All button;
click OK.
9. Click the Preview button. The flag
image is visible as the frames
10. Save and Close the sequence.
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