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6. Delete the first blank frame by clicking the First Frame button. Click the Delete Frame button
, then Delete Current. Click Close.
7. Click File > Export > Export as Still
Images … The Image File Path text box
contains storage information for the
images. To change the location, click the
Browse to Location button. Navigate to
the location to save the image and click
8. Click the Image File Types drop-down
arrow. For this exercise, click Bitmap
Image (*.bmp). Click OK.
9. Save and Close the sequence.
Copying the Exported Image into the Transition Folder
1. Click Start > Programs > Windows Explorer.
2. Navigate to the location where the gradient image is saved, right-click the image and click
3. In the Folders section, click the plus sign next to My Computer. Click the plus sign next to Data
Drive (D:). Double-click the V7000 folder, then double-click the Transitions folder.
4. Right-click inside the Transitions folder and select Paste.
5. Close Windows Explorer.
Creating a Sequence and Applying the New Transition
1. Open the Sequence Designer.
2. Click File > New; click the Default folder. Type “Gradient Transition” in the File Name text box.
Click OK.
3. Click the color blue in the Color Palette. Click the Fill tool; click inside the frame.
4. Click the color red in the Color Palette and select the Text tool. Type “Happy 4th of July”. If the
text has a black box around it, click Outline on the left side of the screen in the Text Styles box.
5. Click Insert Graphic Frame .
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