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6. Click the Insert Graphic Frame button . Create a second pattern on this frame. Continue
creating and adding patters as desired.
7. Click the Zoom Out button and click the Save button. A V7Edit window opens, asking if the user
would like to load the palette into the custom palette buttons; click Yes. The pattern appears in
the custom palette.
8. Save and Close any open color palettes.
9. Click File > New. Click the drop-down arrow next to File Types; then click Sequences. Click the
plus sign next to D:\V7000. Click the plus sign next to 96x224 or next to the desired display.
Click the Default folder and type “Pattern Sequence” in the File Name text box. Click OK.
10. In the Custom Color Palette, click the desired pattern. If the Custom Color Palette is not visible, click
the Toggle Custom Color Palette button .
11. Click the Fill tool; click inside the frame. The pattern appears on the frame.
12. Click the Text tool and type “Welcome to Daktronics”. Click the Outline option.
Note: The pattern can also be used as a color for any created text.
13. Save and Close the open sequence.
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