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Tutorial 9: Custom Color Palette
The Custom Color Palette stores frequently used colors that appear in multiple sequences (messages).
This tutorial explains how to:
1. Create a custom color.
2. Create a custom color palette.
3. Load a new custom color palette.
4. Edit a color palette.
Upon completion of this tutorial, the custom color palette will look similar to the example below:
Creating Custom Colors
1. Open the Venus 7000 Shell and click Edit. The Sequence Designer opens.
2. Click File > New. Click the drop-down arrow next to File Types; click Palette Files. Click the plus
sign next to D:\V7000. Then click the plus sign next to the available palette folder.
Note: The available palette folder depends on the color technology of the display(s). For this
exercise, select Palette.RGB16MB.L and click the Default folder. Type “Palette 1” in the File
Name text box. Click OK.
3. A new sequence with a small black box inside it appears on the screen. This sequence represents
the first custom color frame. On the right side of the screen, click the Select Color from Palette
button . The Color window opens. There are a number of different ways to select/create a
custom color. Refer to the Color screen shot for options. After choosing a color, click OK.
Second Frame of Palette
First Frame of Palette Third Frame of Palette
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