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9. To insert another field on the frame, click the up arrow under Field to change the value to 2.
Repeat Steps 5-9. For this exercise, enter the following fields from the Input Template File: Guest
Team Name, Home Team Score, Guest Team Score, Main Clock Time, Quarter, Down, Ball On and
To Go.
Note: The field outlined in white is the field currently selected. To modify a field, it must be
selected (outlined in white).
10. Once all RTD fields are entered on the frame, click OK to close Frame Properties. To edit the fields,
click the Properties button and select the Data Frame Parameters tab.
11. To add text to the data frame, select the Text tool, click
inside the frame and type “QTR”. Format the text.
Continue entering text fields.
12. Delete the first blank frame. Click the First Frame button;
Click the Delete Frame button. Click Delete Current and
click Close.
13. Save and Close the sequence.
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