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5. Click the drop-down arrow below Source and choose the correct COM PORT number. To
determine the COM PORT number, examine the RocketPort®. When the serial cable connects to
P0 on the Rocket Port, the Source is COM5. Note: P1 = COM6, P2 = COM7 and P3 = COM8.
6. For this exercise, set Protocol to Enhanced, Baud Rate to 19200, Parity to None, Data Bits to 8 and
Size to 5000.
7. The Default Input Template chooses the fields to use from the All Sport controller. Click the drop-
down arrow below Default Input Template and click AS5-Football.itf.
8. Click OK; click OK. When prompted to restart the sign service, click Yes for each window
Creating the RTD Sequence Using the Default Input Template
1. Click the Edit button on the Venus 7000 Shell. The Sequence Designer opens.
2. Click File > New. Click the plus sign next to the desired sign. Click the Default folder. Type
“Football RTD” in the File Name text box. Click OK.
3. Click Frame > Insert > Data Frame … The
Frame Properties window opens. Click the
Data Field Parameters tab.
4. In the Field Type section, click the radio
button next to RTD. An RTD Field section
is now visible on this window. Notice a
white box appears on the frame.
5. In the RTD Field section, click the drop-
down arrow under Input. Click Input 1 -
All Sport.
6. Click the drop-down arrow under Field Name and click Home Team Name. The Length and
Justification fields automatically adjust by the Input Template File. Users may manually adjust
these values, if desired.
7. Type “Home” in the Sample Text text box. Use the up and down arrows under Row and Col to
adjust the location of the sample text on the frame. Users may also adjust the text by clicking and
dragging text to the desired location. Click the drop-down arrow under Font to adjust the font.
Change the Color of the text by clicking the Text Color button and adjusting the sliders.
8. Set the Overlay Mode to Outline 1. Outline places borders around the text and displays the
background color. Block places a black box around the text, blocking out the background color.
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