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Tutorial 8: RTD Frames for Sporting Applications
Configuring the All Sport Controller and RTD Frames
Many times during sporting events, customers display Game-in-Progress information from the All
Sport controller to the sign.
This tutorial explains how to:
1. Configure a RTD port.
2. Create a RTD sequence.
3. Select a different Input Template File.
Upon completion of this tutorial, the sequences will look similar to the examples below:
Configuring the RTD Port
1. Click the Configure button on the Venus 7000 Shell.
2. Click the RTD Inputs tab. A white box with the
columns Input, Name, Type, Source and Protocol
opens. This box has numbers along the left side;
they signify the input being configured.
3. This exercise configures Input 1 to communicate
with an All Sport controller. Click the number 1
under Input. Click Edit Input. The Edit RTD
Input window opens.
4. Type “All Sport” in the Name text box. Click the
drop-down arrow under Source Type and choose
COM PORT. (The Source Type configuration
sets up communication between the All Sport
controller and the Venus 7000 computer.)
Real-Time Data Sequence for Basketball
Real-Time Data Sequence for Football
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