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6. In the Field section, type “2”. The dialog box changes. Configure the Data Field Parameters
tab to look like the following figure. Select the text and drag it to a different location.
7. In the Field section, type “3”. Configure the Data Field Parameters tab to match the following
8. To edit a field created earlier, click the down arrow in the Field section.
9. When inserting a data frame, it is always placed after the initial graphic frame. This results in
a blank frame at the beginning of the sequence. Click the First Frame button, then click the
Delete Frame button . Click Delete Current; click Close.
10. Click the Properties button on the bottom of the screen and configure the Frame Properties.
Click OK. To modify any existing RTD fields, click Properties and select the Data Field
Parameters tab. Select the field to modify by scrolling through the Field section.
11. Click the Preview button to view the sequence.
12. Save and Close the sequence.
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