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Tutorial 7: Time and Temperature RTD Frames
Displaying the Time and Temperature on a Display
RTD (Real-Time Data) frames display the time and temperature on a sign. To display the correct
temperature, Daktronics must install a temperature sensor on the display.
This tutorial explains how to:
1. Insert a data frame.
2. Insert the time.
3. Insert the date.
4. Insert the temperature.
Upon completion of this tutorial, the sequence will look
similar to the example on the right:
1. Open the Venus 7000 Shell; click Edit. The Sequence Designer opens.
2. Click File > New. Click the plus sign next to 96x224 or next to the desired sign. Double-click
the Default folder. Type “RTD Frame” in the File Name text box. Click OK.
3. Click Frame > Insert > Data Frame … The Frame Properties window opens. Click the Data
Field Parameters tab.
4. The first data field entered is the time. Configure the Data Field Parameters tab to look like
the figure below.
5. Keep the Frame Properties dialog box open. To move the text on the frame, select the text and
drag it to a different location or adjust the Rows and Columns in the Frame Properties
window. To change the font color, click the Text Color button. Move the Red, Blue and
Green sliders to adjust the color. Click OK.
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