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8. Click the area outside the white box to remove it; the text can no longer be changed. Click
Options > Shadow. The Shadow window opens. Go to the Color Palette and click a color to use for
the shadow, right-click a color for the background.
9. On the Shadow window in the Direction section, click a button to choose the direction the shadow
should fall. Click Apply. Clicking or right-clicking a color in the Color Palette still changes the
shadow and background colors. Click Close.
10. Click the Properties button on the bottom of the screen. The Frame Properties window opens.
Format the window to look like the image below. Click OK.
11. To preview the sequence, click the Preview button or press [F5]. To stop the preview, click
the Stop button or press [Esc].
12. Transitions can be set in Step 10 so each time a new sequence is created, it automatically uses
these transitions. Click Frame > Set Transitions as Default. Note: If this option is chosen, be
aware that it affects all animations brought into the V7 Sequence Designer.
13. The application can also automatically assign a random transition to a frame. Click Frame > Auto
Transitions. Note: If this option is chosen, it affects any animations brought into the V7 Sequence
14. Save and Close the file.
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