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A new window opens. Imagine this window is the sign. Any text or graphics outside the
boundaries of this frame will not be visible when the sequence displays on the sign. This window
also previews a series of frames known as a sequence.
3. The left side of the screen contains a number of tools; this section is called the Toolbox. Click the
Text tool and click inside the frame. Use the keyboard to type “Happy” and press the [Enter] key.
Type “Birthday”. Notice the text has a white box around it, meaning the text can be changed. If
the text does not have a white box, the text can no longer be edited.
4. The computer generates a font code when text is entered onto a frame. The font code changes the
font type and size. To edit the text, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the cursor to the
beginning of the text. Look in the upper-right corner of the screen to see the Font Code. Keep
pressing the left arrow key to change the Font Code to Font. Change the font type and size by
using the Select Font and Font Size drop-down menus.
5. Press the left arrow key; change the Font Code to Color. The series of colored boxes on the right
side of the screen is called the Color Palette. Click a color to change the color of the text.
6. Press the left arrow key; change the Font Code to Justification. Click the Justify Center button.
7. To center the text horizontally, press and hold the [Ctrl] key and press the [J] key. To center the
text vertically, press and hold the [Ctrl] key, the [Shift] key and press the [J] key.
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