Creating & Editing Messages
4.11 Practice Exercises
1. Create a weather forecast sequence.
a. Frame 1: text frame with the text “Today’s Forecast”.
b. Frame 2: graphic frame with the text “Partly Sunny”; draw the sun and clouds.
c. Frame 3: text frame with the text “Tomorrow’s Forecast”; the text should have an
outline around it.
d. Frame 4: graphic frame with the text “Mostly cloudy and rainy”; draw the clouds
and rain.
e. Change the Frame Properties. Each frame should have a different transition.
2. Create a promotional sequence for a pet shop.
a. Frame 1: graphic frame with the text “Pet Shop”; the background should be a
custom pattern.
b. Frame 2: graphic frame; import an image of a fish; include the text “Fish Sale!”
c. Frame 3: graphic frame; import a black and white image of birds; create a custom
color palette; use the text “Canaries and Parakeets available now”.
d. Change the Frame Properties.
3. Create a unique time and temperature sequence.
a. Use more than one frame.
b. Include text fields and data fields.
c. Change the color of text in each data field.
d. Incorporate an image on one or more of the frames.
4. Import an image and make it scroll horizontally or vertically across the display.
5. Combine sequences to create an opening sequence for a TV show.
a. Use two different AVI files.
b. Include two graphic frames and two text frames; include text and/or graphics on
each frame.
c. Fetch the time and temperature from a different sequence.
d. Create and use a Custom Gradient Transition.
6. Create an opening sequence for a sports team.
a. Use an AVI.
b. Create one File RTD frame.
c. Create one RTD frame which pulls data from the All Sport controller; should
resemble a scoreboard.
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