Creating & Editing Messages
4.10 Points of Emphasis
1. Graphic Frame
a. The advantage to using a graphic frame is the text can be placed at any location on
the frame. Images can also be used on a graphic frame.
b. Once the user deselects the text box (white box), text can no longer be edited.
c. Outline, Outline and Fill and Fill are the available options when using the Rectangle
Draw and the Ellipse Draw tools.
d. Press [Ctrl] + [J] to center the text box horizontally. Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [J] to
center the text vertically.
2. Text Frame
a. A text frame can be edited at any time.
b. The Toggle Text button allows users to edit the background layer on a text frame.
c. For a background image to be visible, choose the Outline text mode.
3. Selecting a Foreground/Background color: Click a color in the Color Palette to choose the
foreground, right-click a color in the Color Palette to choose a background.
4. Font Code: used to edit text on both graphic and text frames. The available font codes are
Justification, Font, Color, Character, Word and Line Spacing.
5. When applying a shadow to text, the shadow color will be the foreground color on the
Color Palette.
6. Use the Block tool to move text/images to a different location on a frame.
7. The Find/Change Color option quickly and easily changes the colors on a frame. Use this
tool to insert black text on a frame. Insert the text in a different color and then use
Find/Change Color to replace the color with black.
8. Each Custom Color Palette can contain up to 16 custom colors. There is no limit to the
number of Custom Color Palette files.
9. Frame Properties
a. Entry Effect: refers to the transition effects applied to a frame when it comes onto a
b. Hold Time: refers to how long the current frame will appear and is calculated in
tenths of a second. Text frames should appear at least 0.50 seconds. Animation
frames can run as fast as 1/30 (30 frames per second).
c. If the Set Transitions as Default or Auto Transitions options are chosen, it may affect
any animations that are imported into a sequence.
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