Creating & Editing Messages
4.7 Include Frame
Include Frame links separate sequences together. It may be inserted at any point in the
sequence. It is frequently used to link multiple sequences together. These “looped” sequences
can provide a continuous display of sequences, including advertisements, event information
and animations. They can display preceding a sports event or can be scheduled for
advertising use. For more details, refer to Tutorial 21 in Section 4.12.
4.8 Command Frames
Command Frames adds scripting commands, such as instructions to blank a display, directly
in a sequence. This is a useful tool when scheduling files for scheduling command options.
Command frames differ from scripting because they allow use of scripting commands when
running the display.
The Command Frames function is executed by selecting Frames > Insert > Command. For a
detailed explanation, refer to Tutorial 22 in Section 4.12.
4.9 Real-Time Data (RTD)
While the data frame can hold a variety of information, the most common is real-time data.
RTD includes information such as the current time or temperature, the statistics for a
particular sport, the current score of a game or current stock prices. To obtain this
information, users must first set up an input within the Configure tab of the Venus 7000
Shell. One example of an input includes sports information from an All Sport controller. For
information on installing inputs, refer to Section 3.2. Refer to Tutorial 23 and Tutorial 24 in
Section 4.12 for more information.
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