Creating & Editing Messages
Capture Rectangle: When importing an image, the Venus 7000 controller accounts
for the size of the display and adjusts the image accordingly. Capture Rectangle
outlines the image size as it will appear on the display.
Size Mode: changes the Capture Rectangle dimensions between pixels or
Keep Aspect: Height and width adjust, keeping the aspect ratio identical to the
display. The feature prevents distortion of the original image.
Drop Image: If the original image is smaller than the sign size, Drop Image allows it
to display without stretching and distorting the image to fit the entire screen. This
results in black edges where the image does not appear.
Constrain Rectangle: prevents users from zooming out of the original image.
Auto Center: places images in the middle of the display.
Refer to the following tutorials in Section 4.12 for more information on importing graphics
and animations.
Tutorial 12: Importing an Image/AVI
Tutorial 13: Exporting as an AVI
Tutorial 14: Exporting as a Bitmap
Tutorial 15: Importing & Scrolling an Image
4.5 Fetching
Sometimes it is necessary to reorder the frames in a sequence or to import a frame from
another sequence. This is done with the Fetch option. Users may fetch a range of frames or
individual frames. Using Fetch also allows stretching or shrinking of images while fetching to
accommodate a different size display. For files with multiple frames, the contents may be
imported as ordered in the file or in reverse order.
For information on how to fetch frames, refer to Tutorial 16 in Section 4.12.
4.6 Combine Frames
Combine Frames merges two frames or sequences together—one file on top another. The
Combine Frames menu is found by selecting Frame > Combine. Refer to Figure 32 for
information on the Combine Control window.
Background: selects the individual frame to combine.
Foreground: selects the individual frame to combine.
Combine Mode: instructs the software how to display the frames.
o Add: places the two frames together.
o Add/Outline: combines frames together by placing an outline over one for a
more crisp appearance. Daktronics recommends this setting.
o Subtract: pixels in the foreground frame are eliminated from the background
o Mask: displays only the pixels on both the background and foreground frame on
the combined frame.
o Invert: changes the image of the frame to the opposite color currently displayed.
For example, a black area turns to white.
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