Creating & Editing Messages
Information included in the database includes the field number, field name (description),
length, justification and item number. The file is found in C: V7000 and the file extension is
.ITF. If interfacing with Daktronics equipment, the file is already set up. If not interfacing
with Daktronics equipment, create the file using V7TplEdt.exe. Refer to the inputs templates
in Section 4.12 for more information.
4.4 Importing Images & AVIs
The Venus 7000 controller enables users to load a variety of graphic and animation files.
Some of these files include:
AVI (Animation or Audio Video Interleave file)
BMP (Windows® OS/2 bitmap graphic)
CMP (Address document)
CUR (Windows cursor)
DIB (Device-Independent Bitmap graphic)
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
ICO (Windows icon)
MAC (Macro)
PCD (Photo-CD image)
PCT (Bitmap graphic)
PCX (PC paintbrush bitmap graphic)
PDF (Acrobat® Portable Document Format)
PNG (Portable or Public Network Graphic)
PSD (Photoshop format)
RAS (Sun Raster graphic)
TGA (Truevision Targa graphic)
TIF (Tagged Image Format file)
WMF (Windows Metafile
WPG (WildTangent branded PNG file)
AVIs (animations) and images must import on graphic frames. Refer to Figure 31 while
reading the following:
Figure 31: Import Control
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