Creating & Editing Messages
Data Field Parameters
Data Field Parameters, illustrated
in Figure 28, applies to data
frames. To set the parameters:
1. Select the Field currently
being used.
2. Adjust the placement of
the message on the
display by changing the
Row and Col fields.
3. Select a Font for this field.
Note: All fonts are
fixed width.
4. Adjust the following options as necessary:
a. Insert: adds a new field.
b. Delete: removes a selected field.
c. Duplicate: copies a selected field.
d. Text Color: changes the color of the field copy. The colors are adjusted with
sliders, as seen in Figure 29.
5. In the Field Type box located in the middle of the screen, select the appropriate radio
button for the frame.
a. Disable: eliminates the Field Type category for the selected information.
b. RTD: used with information considered RTD, such as scores and statistics.
c. Time: chosen when displaying time of day.
d. Date: selected when displaying calendar dates.
e. Temperature: places the temperature on the display.
f. BMP RTD: references a bitmap (BMP) file with RTD.
Figure 28: Data Field Parameters
Figure 29: Select Color—Data Field Parameter
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