Creating & Editing Messages
Frame Properties
Frame Properties are effects applied to how the message transitions, holds or transitions off
the display.
Refer to Figure 27 while reading the common terms found within the Frame Properties >
Transitions window.
Entry: how a message transitions onto the display.
Hold: the look of the frame while on the display.
Exit: how the frame transitions off the display.
Note: Daktronics recommends using the Stay effect in the Exit mode when using
multiple frames. When the frame transitions, it uses the entry properties of the next
frame, preventing break up on
the display.
Direction/Shape: establishes the direction or shape the message transitions on or off
the display.
Rate: the speed of the chosen effect. The higher the number, the faster the effect.
Hold Time: the length of the current frame, calculated in tenths of a second. Text
frames should appear for at least 0.50 seconds and animations can run as quickly as
1/30 (30 frames per second).
To change the frame properties:
1. Click the Properties button.
The Frame Properties >
Transitions window appears.
2. Select the Entry Mode, Hold
Mode or Exit Mode.
3. Choose the Direction/Shape
and Rate of speed for the
message, as well as the
Hold Time.
Custom Gradient Transitions
Gradients are effects that create unique transitions between frames. Refer to Tutorial 11 in
Section 4.12 for information on creating a transition based on an image.
Figure 27: Transition Properties
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