Creating & Editing Messages
Graphic Frame
A graphic frame can contain both images and text. These frames allow text placement at any
location within the frame. Refer to Tutorial 3 and Tutorial 4 in Section 4.12 for information
on including images in a graphic frame.
Text Frame
A text frame is used primarily for text and provides users greater flexibility for editing. Refer
to Tutorial 5 and Tutorial 6 in Section 4.12 for information on working with these frame
Data Frame
A data frame establishes real-time data (RTD) fields within a frame. Once a RTD source is
supplied to the Venus 7000 controller through Configure > RTD Inputs, the data frames
grabs the real-time data to display. Refer to Tutorial 7 in Section 4.12 for instructions on
displaying the time and temperature on a display. To set up the Daktronics All Sport
scoreboard controller to work with Venus 7000 RTD frames, refer to Tutorial 8 in Section
4.12 for details.
Colors & Custom Color Palette
Clicking the color palette icon opens
the Color pop-up window. Refer to
Figure 26. The slider on the right-
hand side of the screen offers a
sample of the color selected. Users
may slide the arrow up or down to
change the shade of the color. To
select a new color, users simply
click a basic color or within the color
bars to create a custom color.
The custom color palette stores
frequently used colors or patterns.
After selecting the desired color,
click Add to Custom Colors. This
adds the color to the custom colors
palette, located on the lower-left
portion of the screen, for the specified file.
To permanently insert the color into the Color Palette, refer to Tutorial 9 and Tutorial 10 in
Section 4.12.
Figure 26: Color Menu
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