Creating & Editing Messages
Tool Bar Options Box: provides additional options that depend on the currently
selected editing tool. These tools, located directly below the icons, are generally used
with the Combine Frames feature. The options include:
o Copy: copies the selected information.
o Add: combines graphic information from two different frames into one frame.
o Outline: combines graphic information from two different frames into one frame
while creating outlines around the text.
o Subtract: eliminates graphical information. The graphic information from the
upcoming frame is subtracted from the graphic information of the current edited
o Mask: restriction placed on the type of character. For example, a mask only
allows operators to enter a date in the field.
o Invert: changes the colors in a frame to the opposite of currently displayed color.
For example, a black area turns to white.
Using the Sequence Designer Color Dialog Toolbar
The Color Dialog toolbar contains the full color palette. The color palette is a grouping of all
available colors and/or patterns available for use on the display. Refer to Figure 24.
Swap: swaps the foreground and background colors.
Foreground: displays the current foreground color.
Select by clicking a color.
Background: displays the current background color.
Select by right-clicking a color.
Custom: When selected, this tool shows the custom
color palette. It allows users to save and reuse custom
colors and/or patterns.
Color Palette: opens the color palette for selection of
additional colors.
Quad: toggles between quad and pixel mode. When
selected, quad mode allows the cursor to control four
pixels. When not selected, the cursor controls a single
pixel. This mode is used primarily for Daktronics
Starburst displays.
Color Dialog: contains initially configured colors for text and graphics use.
4.3 Frames
The Venus 7000 controller features four basic frame types:
graphic frames, text frames data frames and include frames.
The frame type is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the
Sequence Designer interface, as demonstrated in Figure 25.
Figure 24: Color Dialog Toolbar
Figure 25: Frame Number & Type
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