Creating & Editing Messages
Using the Sequence Designer Frame Toolbar
The Frame toolbar contains the following buttons, as pictured in Figure 22.
Insert Graphic Frame: adds a graphic frame to a sequence.
Insert Text Frame: adds a text frame to a sequence.
Copy: copies a frame within a sequence.
Delete: deletes a frame within a sequence.
Zoom Out: reduces the view of the frame.
Zoom In: enlarges the view of the frame.
Zoom Area: magnifies the view of the selected area.
Toggle Grid: toggles between Grid On and Grid Off.
Text Edit: opens the Text Edit window.
Using the Sequence Designer Draw Toolbar
Think of the Draw toolbar as the control center of the Venus 7000 editing window. The
editing tools needed to draw, erase, select and more are found in this toolbar. Refer to
Figure 23.
Move: repositions the cursor in the frame.
Block: selects the area affected by the next command.
Text: used for entering text within a frame.
Pencil: used to draw on a pixel basis in the frame, using
the selected foreground color.
Erase: removes information from the frame.
Brush: draws in the frame with a variety of brush sizes
and shapes.
Bezier Curve: draws imperfect, curved lines of varying
Line: draws a line of user-defined width, length and
angle in the frame.
Ellipse: draws circles and ovals in the frame. The shapes
may be outlined only, filled only or outlined and filled.
Rectangle: draws squares and rectangles in the frame. The shapes may be outlined
only, outlined and filled or just filled.
Get Color: picks up a color or pattern from an image and assigns it as the foreground
or background color.
Fill: fills an area with the selected color.
Figure 22: Sequence Designer Frame Toolbar
Figure 23: Draw Toolbar
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