Creating & Editing Messages
Italic: slants characters in the text to the right.
Underline: places a line under the text.
Strikeout: places a line through the center of the text.
Left Justify: aligns text with the left margin of the text box.
Center Justify: centers text inside the text box.
Right Justify: aligns text with the right margin of the text box.
Toggle Text: hides or displays text for editing purposes.
Using the Extended Font Info Toolbar
Refer to Figure 20 for information on the Extended Font Info toolbar.
Character (Char): adjusts the spacing between characters (kerning).
Word: adjusts the spacing between words (kerning).
Line: adjusts the spacing between lines (leading).
Mode: displays the current text mode.
Code: displays the current cursor position in the text or text code.
Using the Sequence Designer Select Frame Toolbar
The Select Frame toolbar contains the buttons shown in Figure 21.
Preview: displays the active sequence on the monitor as it would appear on the
display. The Preview function does not place sequences on the display itself. Users
can only see the message on the computer screen.
Stop Preview: causes the preview to stop playing.
Pause: stops the preview on the current frame.
First Frame: jumps to the first frame in the sequence.
Previous Frame: moves back one frame in the sequence.
Next Frame: moves forward one frame in the sequence.
Last Frame: jumps to the last frame in the sequence.
Preview Range: allows users to preview a specified range of frames.
Figure 20: Extended Font Info Toolbar
Figure 21: Select Frame Toolbar
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