Creating & Editing Messages
Color Palette: a tool that quickly changes and selects colors to use when building a
sequence. Additional colors can be set within the color palette area.
Frame Properties: adjusts the settings of a specific frame, such as transitions from
one frame to the next, hold time and the type of frame (graphic, text, data, etc).
4.2 Sequence Designer Tools
Using the Sequence Designer Standard Toolbar
The Standard toolbar contains the following options, as pictured in Figure 18.
New: creates a new file.
Open: opens an existing file.
Save: saves the active open file to disk.
Save All: saves all open files to disk.
Import Image: brings in images from various file formats.
Import Text: brings in text files.
Export Image: changes sequences into various file formats, including the Venus
sequence formats.
Print: produces a paper copy of a sequence, either of all frames or of selected frames.
Cut: cuts the selection and places it on the clipboard.
Copy: copies the selection and places it on the clipboard.
Paste: pastes the contents of the clipboard into the file.
Undo: reverses the last drawing action. For example, if a line is drawn and the user
immediately decides to remove it, he or she would click Undo.
Redo: reverses the Undo function. If removing a line with the Undo function, it
reappears by clicking Redo.
About: displays a screen with information about the Sequence Designer.
Help: opens the Help menu.
Using the Sequence Designer Font Dialog Toolbar
The Font Dialog bar contains the following options. Refer to Figure 19.
Select Font: allows users to choose the style of text for a frame.
Font Size: changes the size of the font.
Bold: makes text appear heavier and thicker.
Figure 18: Standard Toolbar
Figure 19: Font Dialog Toolbar
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