Creating & Editing Messages
Section 4: Creating & Editing Messages
4.1 Sequence Designer Overview
The Sequence Designer, accessed through the Edit button on the Venus 7000 Shell, allows
users to design text and graphics for use on a display. It also imports images and scales down
graphic files created in other software, such as Adobe® PhotoShop®. Figure 17 illustrates the
Sequence Designer interface and labels the most commonly used areas.
Sequence: a file constructed of a single frame or a series of frames that can be sent
from the Venus 7000 workstation to a display.
Frame: a single image in a sequence of images. One second of video consists of
30 frames.
Standard Toolbar: contains basic tools for creating new sequences, opening existing
sequences, saving files, importing graphics and text, as well as cutting, copying and
pasting elements.
Frame Toolbar: contains tools used to preview frames, to move between frames and
to create and delete frames.
Font Info Bar: selects font appearance used in frames, including font size,
justification, appearance and other properties.
Toolbox: stores basic tools for creating frames, including text, paint and drawing.
Figure 17: Sequence Designer Interface
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