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Opening the Windows
After creating the windows, activate or enable the host sign.
1. Double-click the host sign, 96x224. The Sign Configuration window opens. Click the
Windows tab.
2. In Row 1, click the Enabled check box. Click
in the first row of the Sign column; a drop-
down menu should appear. Click the drop-
down arrow. The window sizes created
earlier should appear. Choose 96x112 Left.
Notice there is a 1 in both the Row and
Column columns; this number places the
open window on the host sign. Leave these
settings at 1.
3. In Row 2, click the Enabled check box. Click
in the second row of the Sign column; a
drop-down menu appears. Click the drop-
down arrow and choose 96x112 Right. This
window must be located in Row 1 and
Column 112.
4. Click OK; click OK again. Three Venus 7000 Shell messages appear, warning the sign service
will restart. When the sign service restarts, the sign temporarily blanks. Click Yes on all three
5. The sign service should start running. After the service restarts, the globe image on the Venus
7000 Shell starts to spin.
Creating Sequences for Each Window
After creating and enabling windows, a sequence must be displayed on each of the signs in order for
the configuration to take effect. The sequence on the host sign can be a blank sequence. It will not be
visible because of the open windows.
1. Open the Venus 7000 Shell; click Edit. The Sequence Designer opens.
2. Click File > New. The Select File window opens. In the Select File window there is a plus sign
next to the V7000 drive; click the plus sign next to D:\V7000 to expand the drive. A folder
appears with the size of the sign displayed on it. Click the plus sign next to 96x224. Double-
click the Default folder. Type “Host Sign” in the File Name text box. Click OK. Save and close
this sequence.
3. Click File > New. Click the plus sign next to the sign folder for the 96x112 sign. Click the
Default folder. Type “Left” in the File Name text box.
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