Reproduction Reference
ED-14551 — P-1138
Venus 7000 Controller
Operator’s Manual
1) This page is for reproduction reference only and will not be included in the manual.
2) This manual is to be copied on FRONT AND BACK PAGES- 8½ x 11 paper.
Note: The first page, Cover Page, uses the front of the page (blank on back). Section
heading pages always start on a new page; they never start on the back of another
3) Materials included in this manual at the end of each section: None
4) Separate each section and appendix with a labeled, tabbed divider on both the front and
back. Use Arial font on the tabs.
5) Use a blue window cover and a blue back.
6) Punch all pages, window cover and back cover, along the left edge and bind with a
7) Please direct questions and suggestions to Engineering Secretarial.
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